Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chick Flicks, Emo, and Reefer, Oh My!

To begin with, Friday night found me at the Studio Movie Grill in Addison. By now, everyone know that going above 635 for too long tends to give me, as an esteemed colleague put it "a nosebleed." Some might say it's because I'm a downright snob, but others tend to agree with me -- it's like a different country up there.

(side note: Steve just come in from working out in the building weight room and apparently there's a guy who lives on our floor that could take out Steve, myself, and then Chuck Norris. Taking out Steve? Challenging, but doable. Taking out me? I'm scrappy. I got rage in me. ;-) Chuck Norris....I was doubtful until Steve informed me that said Guy was kick boxing wearing only gardening gloves. yeah.)

Anyway -back to Friday. I headed north for the express purpose of Movie Night with The Girls. It would up being Movie Night with The Girl, due to illness/injury/work. But it was still fun. I caught up with said Girl, whom I don't see very often, and we watched a movie that I enjoyed more than I intended to. Fool's Gold. I went for the company and the fact that you can drink at this particular theater. But when you add a pint to the already yummy half-naked Matthew McConaughey and some surprisingly funny one liners from Kate Hudson - you get a movie that's worth your time. Also, Kate Hudson has No Boobs, which makes me feel better about mine ;-)

Yesterday evening I spent with other friends, educating some on the benefits of Reefer -- mostly hemp, that is. Anything that can be made with petroleum/oil can be made with hemp oil. And anything you use fibers for - robe, clothing, paper, etc - you can use hemp fibers for. So it would make sense that the answer to a lot of our current problems would be solved by switching from oil-based production to hemp based production.

Also - if you're having trouble gaining weight, fighting nausea, having panic attacks....the ganja will help with all of that. :-)

I should seriously be on a presidential cabinet. That way I'm not necessarily in the spotlight, but I'm helping shape policy. I'm reading a book (Touchstone, Laurie R King...everything she writes is GREATNESS) and one of the characters is the eldest daughter of a (fictional) Noble British family. Over 800 years of nobility flow through her veins and she uses all of this breeding to steer men to her way of thinking. She's smooth, she offers up third options when neither man can see beyond his own opinion, and she still manages to be well liked and respected. I'm going to work on embodying that. Refined, graceful diplomacy. And then maybe the next time a client tells me that it's our fault the color of the carpet she had customed colored turns yellow in the sunlight (!!!!!) I'll think of something to say other than "Were you accosted by a man in a yellow suit as a child?" She has a thing against yellow that I don't even begin to understand.

Completely unrelated change of subject with no discernible segue: I'm trying to make up a cd of good old school "emo." Although I think when we were listening to it the first time around we called it "the maudlin sounds of seattle" or something equally pretentious. Now the kids call it Emo. It's an entire lifestyle. Luckily for us, it involves considerably more hygiene than grunge. And less plaid. So far I've only got a few songs, but I've only just started compilation. What do I have, you ask? I've got Letting The Cables Sleep - by Bush, and #1 Crush, by Garbage. This cd will be for 13 year old girls so it can't be overtly anything much worse than PG-13, which leaves out Stabbing Westward. Unfortunately. I'll be trolling my cds to see what I can find, but suggestions are always welcome. And to put you in the mood, here's video for Letting the Cables Sleep. Gavin Rossdale is Hot, even if he is married to Gwen Stefani. (which seems so appropriate when you consider their timelines...)


Jamie said...

FYI-you can now drag your northern friends down into Dallas. It's still north, but not that far!

Jessica said...

Have I told you that I want to BE Gwen Stefani? Not only is she married to my boyfriend, but her baby is adorable, she's knocked up again, I love No Doubt, she has a ridiculously awesome career (on all fronts) and she can actually walk in those amazing high heels that I aspire to master one day.

P.S. Letting the Cables Sleep is my fav Bush song with Glycerine coming in a close second. I'm a sucker for musicians. And accents. And curls.