Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vaccinations. Some research.

That's my uterus. Well, it was....10 weeks ago. Meet Bunny, my fetus. Yes folks...we got into the adoption process and I got knocked up. No one wants details so let's just say that I dropped the test on Husband's desk and said "the fuck is that?" I had taken it because I was waiting for my cycle to restart so I could schedule an HSG. Word.

Bunny at 12 weeks. Sex ID will happen at the end of August. You know I'll tell you all about it. (BTW - the 1st tri is like something out of a sci-fi movie. At least Bunny is healthy.)

So. Vaccinations. Lots and Lots of research.

There are extremes, of course, a lot of people in the medical community are throwing down the VACCINATE OR DIE hammer and the other extreme is throwing down a very emotional VACCINES ARE KILLING OUR KIDS hammer.

And since I've been called a "House Patient," it makes sense to think that Bunny will inherit that.

So, here is a preliminary list of my questions:

* kids these days are getting 4 times MORE vaccines than we got. Including Hep B at the ripe age of 4 hours old...if I'm negative and Steve is negative, does my newborn really need to be vaccinated against an STD?
good links:

* And Chicken Pox?

* And does such a tiny baby need to be barraged with so MANY toxins (some of these vaccines have... formaldehyde in them and who knows what else) so close together?

* And tetanus. Why is my 4 day old child getting a tetanus vaccine? My crawler? sure. But a child who is going to be swaddled and in a sling and drinking mommy's breast milk is not going to step on a rusty nail. And that's one that not communicable. Unless the infect person turns into a psycho and starts shooting unvaccinated people with a nail gun. ... using rusty nails. AND - why is that vaccine bundled with Whooping Cough? I get that Whooping Cough is deadly in infants and the elderly, but both my GP and an Infectious Disease doc (when I had the brain swell) told me that they've never conclusively seen it and when they think they had they prescribe an inhaler and everyone goes about their lives.

Some links that may or may not be helpful.

FDA warning re: what prevented passage of the vax the 1st time around

I have particular issue with this one. Remember the Lyrica? That wasn't passed the first couple of times and then - without being improved - it was - and I had all of the wrong side-effects. I hate to take that chance with my infant.

cdc schedule:

alternative schedule:

1974 schedule:

regarding what I like to call the Merck-CDC circle Jerk: (ok - it's not listed in this article, but Merck is the only company that makes the chicken pox vaccine. They donate hundred of thousands to he CDC research fund. The CDC says kids NEED this vaccine to go to public school. Merck makes a ton of see where I'm going with this. It's shady.)

a "what if":


The anti-homeopathy rhetoric:

Since we plan on living overseas, yes there will ultimately be vaccinations. Because even though Polio is basically eradicated's not everywhere - for example. But I just need more information. I'll keep you updated.


Bethany said...

Well no wonder you call your baby bunny. That looks like a bunny! What exactly am I looking at?

Emily said...

The "rump" part of the bunny is actually the head of the baby, and the "ears" are leg buds. :-)

At this point, though, the resemblance is less Bunny and more Human.