Friday, January 16, 2009

The things you find...

If I'd waited a month to post this, it would have been turned in 20 years ago exactly. Given that I continue to have cats I know the answer is that canned food wins every time. It is second only to chasing something and then only when the mood strikes the animal. Cats are reliable like that.

This was found in one of our file cabinets along with a sheaf of pink notebook paper (I was 10) upon which there were other assignments and several notes about my lack of personal application. Luckily it wasn't very long after that when there was some kind of universal test and it was determined that I was bored. So they put me in some advanced classes...where I continued to fail to apply myself. In fact, that lasted pretty much through college. My opinion was that if I could get solid B's regardless of whether I cracked a book or not, then I was going to fill my time doing interesting things. Exceptions: most of my math classes required me to work VERY hard for B's...economics required hard work for C's. And classes I would have attending even if they hadn't been mandatory often saw me breaking the curve.

Perhaps I should have been Montessori'd/Home Schooled.

Ironically I'm considering a Masters. But if P-Boo could do it in 1926, I can do it 83 years later.

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