Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodies on the Doorstep

So this morning, like the good Suburban Housewife I've become, I shuffled to the front door in my robe and slippers (with my cup of coffee) to kiss Husband goodbye on his way to work. Imagine our sheer delight when we open the door to find this:

It's a box o' farm fresh tasty business from these guys, whom I found here, and who were recommended by an aquaintance in the area.

Even more exciting than the box are the contents. Behold:

There's also a handy list and explanation of what to expect in the winter:

A closeup of our selection:

and two more little notes:

I'm ok with no salad mix. I love salads, but with all the other goodness I can make a red leaf lettuce salad. Also, red leaf lettuce is better on panini's than salad mix.

I don't know what Romanesco is, but I know what broccoli is and we love broccoli.

There's also recipes for some of the items, which is good because I don't know the first thing to do with some of that. I know, from When Harry Met Sally, that you can grill radicchio.

And since I feel that I've waxed poetic about having a local diet enough, I'll just direct you to those previous blogs:

the one that started it all

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(yes, research is proactive)

the one in which I lecture/give tips on how to have a green lifestyle
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the one in which we drive to the country and reenact scenes from Super Mario Brothers 2 figure out how to make all that food fit in our fridge...and plan menus!


Meli said...

This is indeed a great joy, to have farm fresh produce delivered to your door! Have you found a farmer's market near yet? (I haven't read all of your older blogs yet, in case it's mentioned htere.)

Emily said...

our farmer's market is really close, but only open spring and summer.