Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dessert...or Drywall?

You be the judge.

Steve, bless his heart, was at Jimmy's picking up some yummies and saw this box:

He thought..."That looks like hazelnuts in some kind of chocolate thing. Maybe chocolate covered hazelnuts? Emily would like that!"

Which is a true statement. Chocolate + Hazelnuts = yummy goodness. Just crack open a tub of Nutella if you don't believe me.

This, however, is not what was in the box. It looks like drywall. It tastes vaguely the way drywall tastes (sit on top of a 15 foot ladder and drill into the ceiling directly above your head and you'll know what drywall tastes like. Also, paint.) except I imagine drywall is easier to chew.


Right. Drywall. Nutty Drywall.

So when I went to Whole Foods this morning I picked up replacement bars: a hazelnut milk chocolate and a chili's and cherries in dark chocolate bar. Serious yummies.

Also - I'm going to cobble together a couple of different recipes to make Peach pie. Can't wait.

Happy Sunday!

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Krys said...

I have found several types of hazel-nut filled pastries here. Totally of teh yum. We'll definitely have to sample them while you are here. :D