Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's shameless, really. The motivation for today's post.

I'm entering AN ONLINE CONTEST. A BLOG contest. I *NEVER* do that.

Ok, I do, but I can count on one hand the other times that I have. Once. The Pioneer Woman was giving away the camera body I'm lusting after and saving up for...I couldn't resist.

And now - my favorite Daddy Blog (Pacing The Panic Room: source of the awesome Maternity Series) - the one I make Husband read and pass along to people who want a man's perspective on things - is giving away a whole stash of Fuzzibunz. That's right. I'm entering a contest to win cloth diapers.

Why? Because in January, when Sebastian arrives, we're going to need to cover his ass. And I've already registered for them - but winning an entire stash would allow me to remove them from my registry and my list of Things To Make Sure We Have Enough Of and relax because Bunny's ass will be covered.

It will also make me feel better for being almost 22 weeks along and still having All-Day Morning sickness.

So there we have it. A post purely for the hope of winning diapers.

And now back to our regularly scheduled narcissism.