Friday, May 8, 2009

We must now own a sailboat

Seriously. Instead of retirement property (which is what we think we'll buy instead of a house...we like renting and I want to live all over the globe before I die at the age of 101 on Halloween - seriously. told me so.)

Anyway - instead of retirement property, we'll buy a really awesome sailboat....or a starter sailboat and upgrade as the time/income/skills provide...and then it won't matter if the oceans rise up and swallow all of the dry land because we'll be living on our own floating island. Like in Waterworld. But with better hygiene.

So you're wondering what inspired this? Aside from the fact that it's brilliant and I love the water?

We went sailing on Wednesday night.

Fisherman Steve:

Steve Hoists the Mail Sail:

Emily Drives:

Steve Drives:

Pretty racing boats:

And now you want one, too.

Happy Sailing!


Ladybug said...

Check out this blog!

Emily said...

cool! This is only going to fuel the need... :-)

Crystal said...

I love sailing and really miss it. I've been looking for a place in dallas to rent a small hobie cat but have been unsuccessful. :( I'm so jealous of your recent sailing venture.