Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just Call me Aunty Pants

Spent the weekend with the in-laws at the SIL's house to meet the nephew. He was cute and sleepy and everything a 5 day old baby boy is supposed to be. We returned with all relationships intact....although staying another day might have jeopardized that. For reals. With the Mother in Law, at least. She's not nearly so laid back as I am and sometimes there's head-butting. I'm sure you're all shocked that I would butt heads with anyone...

I did take a few notes - what to do/not to that's good.

On a completely unrelated note, I was reading the new InStyle (with Renee Zellweger on the cover) and there's a little story from a fashion editor about how to do that "pack for two weeks"/"shop your closet" thing they're always doing. It involves a free afternoon and the only dirty thing you own should be what's on your body (so the day AFTER laundry day...) and a digital camera or a Polaroid if you're lucky enough to own one AND have a backlog of film that's you're not hoarding. I plan on doing this. Apparently it'll help you look fabulous every day. I'll post a little step-by-step for ya.

Back to Eddie. I'm creating a googlepage for him. I'll edit this later with the address. Woot.

Edit: this is some of the good ones off of roll 1. Target was closed today (hosers) so I couldn't get roll2 speed processed. Since I have no patience for taking it to BWC (want to see NOW!) I'll be returning to Target tomorrow to take advantage of their 1-hour photolab. Along with every other person on the planet.


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